Quality Finish
Communication is very important for us to
understand the functions of the custom canvas
you are looking for. We can recommend
different options to improve further the design,
style, functionality and ease of use.

All materials we use are marine grade, some
are suited for fresh water and some are
designed for salt water environment.

Sailboats have specialized needs like storing
frame and windows out of the way, or stress
relieving backing plates for the frame and
fittings, and the need to use only stainless steel
frame and fittings.

Our highly specialized tools and sewing
machines are professionally maintained and
calibrated for quality make and finish. All our
projects include proper reinforcements for long
lasting products. Our canvas design allows
future additions, repairs and window
replacement to keep the product looking new.

We finish zippers with a proper stopper so you
will never lose your slider when you remove your
windows. All our top designs include zippered
pockets in the roof, for quick and easy removal
of the canvas, without the need for any tools.
Boating experience is different for each boater. Some like to leisure in the marina and some like
to be on their way as quick as possible. All of us like to spend the least time to dress and
undress the boat. To protect your investment and to get the most of your boating experience we
offer a properly designed custom marine canvas that answers all your wants and needs.

We have experience in designing custom marine canvas for people with special needs and
For larger yachts we offer a luxurious finishing touch - hidden zippers inside and out, this feature
hides all the vertical zippers inside and outside of your boat.
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