Picnic tables
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Cover your tables for easy care and a uniform look. Great for private clubs, parks or
company lunch room.
Backyard furniture
Patio covers
Protective instrument covers
We can cover your backyard patio with
canvas or screen to protect you from the
sun, mosquitoes, the rain and wind. We
can further protect you by creating an
enclosure all around for the colder months.
Once the product is installed by our
professional installers the structure can be
assembled and disassembled by anyone
in very little time and with little effort.
Extend your indoor to outside by
decorating your backyard same way you
decorate indoor. Create a custom look by
upholstering your outdoor furniture using a
We carry a large selection of outdoor
canvas, including Sunbrella, with colors
and patterns to match and complement
the outside decor, or use our decorator to
help you to design a full concept.
Protect weather sensitive instruments from water, dust or bird droppings.