Custom Canvas
MARINE - We design and make custom boat tops and enclosures for sail and power boats.
We use only marine grade materials.

OUTDOOR - We design and manufacture custom industrial covers to keep equipment clean, dry and ready to use.

INDUSTRIAL - We manufacture safety curtains under conveyor belts and separating curtains for industrial use to keep your empoyees and working enviroment safe and clean.

REPAIRS - Canvas maintenance is very important. Simple repairs like windows
replacement, re-stitching, zipper track and snaps replacement, reinforcement and binding
updating is part of regular maintenance of canvas recommended every 3-5 years. We make
quality repairs to extend the life and functionality of your canvas.

CARE PRODUCTS - Keeping canvas clean, free of mildew and water resistant is part of
canvas maintenance. Power washing the canvas regularly is excellent, yet with time canvas
needs a treatment of water proofing and UV protection. We offer specialized products
developed for marine/outdoor environment.


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