Care Products
We offer various care products to make maintenance a breeze yet very effective.

MARINE -We offer mold and mildew/cleaner, water repellent and seam sealer, vinyl window
cleaners/protectors, interior seating vinyl conditioner/protectant, fiberglass reconditioner and
some useful accessories.

AIRCRAFT -We are exclusive representative for Canada of an aircraft polishing paste that
removes and inhibits jet blast, oxidation, hydrocarbon exhaust stains, corrosion, surface rust
etc. This product conforms with MSD OSHA Form 20. This polish is a one step process that
cuts labour in half. This product is made in the USA by IOSSO.

SPECIALTY CLEANERS - We are exclusive representatives for Canada of a full line of
firearms care products. We offer bore brushes in every size made with new Nyflex fibre, bore
cleaner, an excellent all natural gun oil lubricator and gunbrite polish that removes powder
fouling, surface rust, tarnish, discoloration from the barrel and stubborn black rings from the
face of the cylinder and leaves non-oily protective coating that resists fingerprinting and
moisture. All products are made in the USA by IOSSO.

We welcome wholesale and retail inquiries for distribution in eastern and western Canada.

We ship all marine, aircraft and specialty care products through out Canada.

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