Marine Interior and Upholstery
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We offer quality service and superb
finish on marine upholstery services,
marine interior updating and marine
snap-on carpets. Our products are
guaranteed to be made ONLY from
marine grade components.
At first glance, our products might
look similar to something made by a
regular upholsterer, just more
expensive, but please, do not judge
the book by it's cover. It is the marine
components, most of which you do
not see, that sets our products apart.

We only use marine grade wood to ensure
structural longevity of the product and
resistance to rot and mildew damage .
Threads are pretreated for mildew and UV
resistance and we use only stainless steel
staples and screws.
The Top Guy carries a wide selection of
marine canvas and vinyl from reputable
manufacturers in order to match your furniture
or to change your colour scheme in the boat.
Specialty marine carpets are all properly
treated to withstand mildew bacteria growth
and UV exposure.