The Top Guy
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Nathan Glasroth was born and raised in Belgium on the North Sea where he learned to sail
at a very young age. His field of study was architecture. Yet his father, grand-father and
going back 5 generations were all in custom gentleman's clothing industry, so eventually he
joint the family business where he designed custom suits and managed retail operations.

While going to school Nathan learned the
boat top craft from an old retired gentleman
who was eager that pass on his vast
knowledge, but at that time Nathan was
making tops only for the family boat and for
some friends. After 25 yrs of dressing up
executives in high end custom suits Nathan
decided to switch and to dress up their toys
and "The Top Guy" was created.
Nathan Glasroth is constantly updating his professional knowledge and expertise with the
latest trends, materials and techniques by maintaining communication with boat
manufacturers and other top makers. He follows the latest colours and styles by attending
boat shows throughout North America and Europe. For Nathan, canvas is his business,
boats are his passion.