Marine canvas is the field of design and fabrication of functional canvas products for sail
and motor boats. Custom marine canvas is usually the answer for proper fit, functionality
and appearance.

The function of marine canvas is to protect the boat from outside elements: water, sun,
dirt/dust, bugs etc. The functionality of a well designed canvas is to be convenient and
practical to operate on the way, docked or stored. Canvas also provides privacy for the
owner and their belongings inside the boat. We spend a lot of time and attention in our
design to address all those issues in order to get a functional and good looking product on
your boat.

To make the highest quality product we use the best quality and the most suitable materials
for each project. More...

Boating experience is different for each boater. Some like to leisure in the marina and
some like to be on their way as quick as possible. All of us like to spend the least time to
dress and undress the boat. To protect your investment and to get the most of your boating
experience we offer a properly designed custom marine canvas that answers all your wants
and needs.
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